The issue of war and its legitimacy is a perennial issue, though more heatedly debated at some times rather than others. There has been an ongoing discussion about war during the past forty years within which I have written a number of essays, listed in the bibliography below.

However, it might be useful to include several shorter columns here:

1) "On War"
From Midwest Chesterton News, 3 (May, 1991).

2) "Religion and War Reconsidered"
From The Monitor, San Francisco, November 11, 1982.

3) "UN Disarmament Message"
From The Monitor, San Francisco, August 5, 1982.

4) "The French Bishops on War and Peace"
From The Monitor, San Francisco, January 12, 1984.

5) "Christians and War: Playing God"
(22 KB; Word DOC) From The Hillsdale Review, V (Fall, 1985).

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