Under the heading of Catholicism I have collected a number of essays -- reflective, explanatory, apologetic, hopefully insightful -- about the nature and status of Catholicism.

If there is a case to be made for a religion or philosophic position, it seems worthwhile making it. Religion or faith, and the arguments on which it might stand, are often unknown or ignored. This is unfortunate.

Both civil and academic freedom encourage the effort of people at all levels to explain themselves, to state what is to be said for or against a position.


1) "Catholicism: What Else Is There?''
From Homiletic and Pastoral Review, XCV (June, 1995), 17-23.

2) "The Full Catholic Message"
From The New Oxford Review, LXIII (June, 1996), 17-20.

3) "'To Know the Things That Are: What Is Not Given in the American Catholic Academy"
From Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Newsletter, 18 (September, 1995), 2-9.

4) "The Person from Within: The Foundations of Social Thought"
(61 KB; Word DOC)
From Does Catholicism Still Exist? (Staten Island: Alba House, 1994), pp. 165-88.

5) "Jesus the Christ"
(39 KB; Word DOC)
From Homiletic and Pastoral Review, XCVIII (July, 1998), 8-17.

6) "Is Catholicism Serious about Itself?"
From Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Quarterly, 20 (Fall, 1997), 3-9.

7) "The 'Good News' Reconsidered"
From Vital Speeches, LXII (July 1, 1996), 557-62.

8) On the Will to Know the Truth:
Newman on Why Men of Learning Often Do Not Believe
From Dossier, 4 (January/Februray, 1998), 30-35.

9) "Ratzinger on the Modern Mind"
(33 KB; Word DOC)
From Homiletic and Pastoral Review, XCVIII (October, 1997), 6-14.

10) "On the Uniqueness of Catholicism and the Diversity of Religions"
(37 KB; Word DOC)
From Homiletic and Pastoral Review, XCVII (January, 1997), 13-21.1


Several of my books deal in one way or another with Catholicism:

1) Redeeming the Time (New York: Sheed & Ward, 1968);
2) The Distinctiveness of Christianity (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1982);
3) Unexpected Meditations Late in the XXth Century (Chicago: Franciscan Herald, 1985);
4) What Is God Like? (Collegeville, MN.: Liturgical Press/Michael Glazer, 1992);
5) The Praise of 'Sons of Bitches': On the Worship of God by Fallen Men (Slough, England: St. Paul Publications, 1978);
6) Idylls and Rambles: Lighter Christian Essays (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1994), and
7) Does Catholicism Still Exist? (Staten Island, N. Y.: Alba House, 1994).