Probably no course is more interesting to teach than one on St. Augustine, who remains the ancient man about whom we know the most and who lived a life that he recounted in the most clear and graphic personal and intellectual detail. The number of good books about Augustine, moreover, is very large. I will mention here as most useful:

1) Herbert Deane, Political and Social Ideas of St. Augustine;
2) the Hackett edition of Political Works of Augustine, and
3) Jean Bethke Elshtain's Augustine and the Limits of Politics.

ONLINE -- Schall essays on Augustine

1) "The Place of Augustine in Political Philosophy"
(100 KB; Word DOC)
From The Political Science Reviewer, XXIII (1994), 128-65.

2) "Augustine and Machiavelli."
(47 KB; Word DOC)
From Perspectives on Political Science, 25 (Summer, 1996), 17-23.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Schall on Augustine

The Chapter, "St. Augustine and Christian Political Theory," from my The Politics of Heaven and Hell contain further discussion and further bibliography.

See also
"From the Stoics to Augustine," in Reason, Revelation, and the Foundations of Political Philosophy;
"Augustine: On Teaching and Being Taught," in What Is God Like?;
"On Augustine's 'Late, Late, Have I Loved Thee," in Idylls and Rambles.


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Also in my Chapter on Augustine in The Politics of Heaven and Hell, there is a bibliography on Augustine.