Volume 6 (2011)

table of contents

Sr. Prudence Allen on Edith Stein's Theory of Woman
Msgr. Michael Nolan on Aquinas, Aristotle, and Women
Robert Stackpole on The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus
C. S. Morrissey on New Proofs for the Existence of God



Volume 4 (2009)

table of contents
2009 Symposium on David Walsh, The Modern Philosophical Revolution
Benedict M. Ashley, O.P., on the Modern University
Robert Stackpole on Christian Universities
C. S. Morrissey on a Common Ground for Global Culture


David Walsh

Volume 3 (2008)

table of contents
Craig Allert on A High View of Scripture?
Mike Goheen on Missional Hermeneutics
Robert Stackpole on "Jesus Research"
C. S. Morrissey on Transfiguring Heidegger


2008 Conference

Craig Allert





Volume 2 (2007)

table of contents
Michael Augros on Aristotle's God
Arnold Sikkema on The Laws of Nature
Robert Stackpole on Reason in Theology
C. S. Morrissey on The Analogy of Being




Fideles front cover Fideles: A Journal of Redeemer Pacific College

ISSN 1718-9446

Volume 1 (2006) Contents:

"Intellectual Vision"
by Dr. Phillip Wiebe

"The Mysticism of C.S. Lewis"
by Dr. Robert Stackpole

"Metaphysics Defined, Justified and Exemplified"
by Dr. C. S. Morrissey

"Eberhard Jüngel's Quest for God's Speakability"
by Dr. Archie Spencer

Edited by Dr. C. S. Morrissey

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