River Forest Thomism:
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"The River Forest School and the Philosophy of Nature Today",
in Philosophy and the God of Abraham: essays in memory of James A. Weisheipl, OP (PIMS, 1991), 1-15.

Benedict Ashley, OP: The way toward wisdom is through metaphysics

Download and read Chapter 1 from The Way toward Wisdom in PDF format

The Way toward Wisdom Modeling of Nature William A. Wallace, O.P. on the philosophy of nature: The Modeling of Nature

Read the opponent of the River Forest approach, Lawrence Dewan, O.P., but be sure to read Benedict Ashley's reply to Lawrence Dewan (in reply to Dewan on "St. Thomas, Physics, and the Principle of Metaphysics", The Thomist 61 (1997): 549-6).

In The Way toward Wisdom (UND, 2006), pp.146-153, Benedict Ashley also has a definitive response to Dewan. (See also pp.153-158 for Ashley's response to Wippel; pp.158-163 for his response to Owens/Knasas; and pp.256-57 with p.520 n.11 for his response to Clarke.)

Benedict Ashley


Albertus Magnus Lyceum for Natural Science:

Benedict Ashley

The Way toward Wisdom by Benedict Ashley, O.P. (Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 2006)

William H. Kane

William Augustine Wallace

William A. Wallace, "Thomism and the Quantum Enigma," Review of Wolfgang Smith, The Quantum Enigma: Finding the Hidden Key,
in The Thomist 61 (1997): 455-468.

James Athanasius Weisheipl

James A. Weisheipl, Aristotelian Methodology: A Commentary on the Posterior Analytics of Aristotle [PDF].
River Forest: Pontifical Institute of Philosophy, 1958.


Laval Thomism:

Charles De Koninck


Institute for Advanced Physics: Physics for Realists

Philosophy of Nature by Joseph Kenny, O.P.


Logic and the Philosophy of Nature

Aristotelian Thomism: the traditional way of reading Thomas Aquinas, a living tradition of the Order of Preachers

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