Eric L. Gans: From The Origin of Language to The Scenic Imagination

Gans says that he thinks "the greatest thought in history" -- Chronicle 382

"GA may be thought of as a minimal religion, requiring a minimal 'act of faith' in the originary hypothesis, which merely accounts for the obvious, that the human emerged at some point from the non-human" -- Chronicle 376

Bibliography of Literature on the Generative Anthropology of Eric Gans

The Scenic Imagination
Originary Thinking
from Hobbes to the Present Day
(Stanford University Press, 2007)

Eric Gans
Professor of French and Francophone Studies UCLA
Curriculum Vitae

[Antisemitism from a Judeocentric Perspective I] [Antisemitism from a Judeocentric Perspective II]
[Antisemitism and Anti-Americanism] [The new antisemitism and the bankruptcy of victimary thought]


Signs of Paradox

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A Brief Introduction to Generative Anthropology


Eric Gans, The Scenic Imagination (2007).

Eric Gans, Signs of Paradox (1997).

Eric Gans, Originary Thinking (1993).

Eric Gans, Science and Faith (1990).

Eric Gans, The End of Culture (1985).

Eric Gans, The Origin of Language (1981).


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Recommended Reading:
GA Essentials

Eric Gans, "A Brief Introduction
to Generative Anthropology"

Adam Katz (ed.),
The Originary Hypothesis:
a Minimal Proposal
for Humanistic Inquiry

(The Davies Group Publishers, 2007)

The Originary Hypothesis

Eric Gans, "Differences,"
Modern Language Notes
, Vol. 96, No. 4, French Issue. (May, 1981), pp. 792-808.

Richard van Oort, "The Cognitive and Anthropological Origins of Narrative"

Generative Anthropology

Madame Bovary

Generative Anthropology Thinking Event (GATE) 2007
Vancouver School of Theology, University of British Columbia Campus, July 26-29
Opening the GATE: The Vancouver "Thinking Event" (Chronicle #347)

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Book Reviews of Eric Gans

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Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary is the most precisely controlled formal masterpiece in the history of fiction. It is perfect... [Read more]