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Signs of Paradox

Richard van Oort, The End of Literature: Essays in Anthropological Aesthetics (Aurora, Colorado: The Davies Group, 2009).

Part I. The Science of Human Origin

1. Cognitive Science and the Problem of Representation
[Poetics Today 24.2 (Summer 2003): 237-295.]

2. Imitation and Human Ontogeny: Michael Tomasello and the Scene of Joint Attention
[Anthropoetics 13, no. 1 (Spring/Summer 2007)]

Part II. The End of Literature

3. The Critic as Ethnographer
[New Literary History 35.4 (Autumn 2004): 621-661.]

4. The Culture of Criticism
[Criticism 49.4 (Fall 2007): 459-479.]

Part III. Two Originary Analyses

5. Shakespeare and the Idea of the Modern
[New Literary History 37.2 (Spring 2006): 319-339.]

6. A Race of Devils: Frankenstein, Romanticism, and the Tragedy of Human Origin
[Spheres of Action: Speech and Performance in Romantic Culture, edited by Alexander Dick and Angela Esterhammer (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2009), 124-146.]

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