C.S. Peirce

Bibliographical resources for PHIL 333: Philosophy of Literature (Catholic Pacific College)

Compiled by Dr. Christopher S. Morrissey

Signs EP1 1992 EP2 1998 Brent 1998 Cambridge 1898

v1 1982 v2 1984 v3 1986 v4 1989 v5 1993 v6 2000 v8 2009

Peirce Edition Project Site Guide

The Red Book (Deely 2000)

The Sign Tree Model (Borges 2007)

A Visual Model of Peirce's 66 Classes of Signs Unravels His Late Proposal of Enlarging Semiotic Theory (Borges 2010)

de Waal Cornelis Corrington

Chance Wiener Buchler Math