Edward Feser

Bibliographical resources for PHIL 304: The Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas (Redeemer Pacific College)

Compiled by Dr. Christopher S. Morrissey

Essays Scholastic Method Aquinas Superstition Locke Mind Hayek

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Read online excerpts of Feser's books

Ryan Anderson reviews Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide in the May 2010 issue of First Things: "Do not let the subtitle deter you. While Aquinas is ‘a beginner’s guide,’ it is rigorous and accessible philosophy at its best. Even seasoned Thomists will benefit from Edward Feser’s analytic precision in interpreting and presenting Thomas’ philosophy. Placing Thomas in conversation with modern thinkers, Feser explains how so many worthies have gotten Thomas wrong and thus done battle with a straw man. More than this, Feser shows how, even on a host of contemporary debates, Thomas provides the most intellectually satisfying ways forward… Long have I searched for a book to recommend to colleagues, friends, and students to introduce them to the basics of Aquinas’s philosophy; I search no longer."

Edward Feser on Anselm’s ontological argument

Edward Feser on Plotinus on divine simplicity

Edward Feser, "Modern biology and original sin, Part I" (Sep 6, 2011); "Monkey in your soul" (Sep 12, 2011).


Feser (A-T) vs. "Intelligent Design" (ID)

Teleology Revisited: Final Causality as explained by Edward Feser

Teleology: A Shopper's Guide by Edward Feser


Edward Feser on Science and Scientism in the Claremont Review of Books (Apr 23, 2012).

Edward Feser: "Was Aquinas a dualist?" (Sep 27, 2012)

Edward Feser on the mind-body problem and other issues in the philosophy of mind


Feser on Dr. Noe

Edward Feser on "Natural Law, Natural Rights, and Private Property", in Library of Law and Liberty (Mar 18, 2012).

Edward Feser on lying (Jan 5, 2012) and jocose lies (Jan 20, 2012).


Video of Science and Faith Conference, Franciscan University of Steubenville (Dec 2-3, 2011).

Edward Feser on philosophy of science and philosophy of nature

Edward Feser, "Existential Inertia and the Five Ways", American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 85.2 (2011).


The Last Superstition: [Sir Anthony Kenny's review in The Times Literary Supplement (July 22, 2011)] [HPR review] [Levering review]

The Last Superstition: a refutation of the new atheism by Edward Feser: TWU Alloway Library BL473 .F47 2008


Heisenberg on act and potency and Feser on act and potency

Feser (A-T) vs. scientism

God, obligation, and the Euthyphro dilemma


The living tradition of commentators

Thomist tradition: [Part I] [Part II]

Scholastic's Bookshelf: [Part 1: General Reference] [Part 2: Natural Theology] [Part 3: Moral Theology] [Part 4: Online Books]

A Neo-Scholastic revival?


Platonism or Aristotelianism? Development versus decay

On hylemorphic dualism: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

On some alleged quantifier shift fallacies: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]


"In Defense of Capital Punishment", The Public Discourse (Sep 29, 2011).

America, empire, and conservatism

The Cambridge companion to Hayek [TWU Library electronic resource] / edited by Edward Feser



LSN interview with Feser


Recommended by Feser:

David S Oderberg Thought and World

David S. Oderberg, Real Essentialism

James F. Ross, Thought and World

Alfred Freddoso, "Good News, Your Soul Hasn't Died Quite Yet"
in Michael Baur, ed., Person, Soul, and Immortality: Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association
(New York: American Catholic Philosophical Association) 75 (2002): 99-120. [PDF version]

James F. Ross, "Immaterial Aspects of Thought",
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See also: Derek S. Jeffreys, "The Soul is Alive and Well: Non-reductive Physicalism and Emergent Mental Properties", Theology and Science 2.2 (2004): dx.doi.org/10.1080/1474670042000261105